Invitation to pandemic ethics/triage survey, help to remind

Triage during the corona pandemic – answer a web survey from VIP group (VIP - the very old intensive care patient) in ESICM

We invite you to respond to a survey we have created in light of the present pandemic, and hope that you will disseminate the link to the questionnaire to your ICU team (including residents, fellows and senior physicians but no non-medical personnel).

The survey is about how you would act as ICU physician in some difficult scenarios that in fact have happened during the pandemic (not exactly with the same patients) and hence will give us valuable information about how a mixed group of ICU physicians will deal with some major ethical issues. We also ask for some background data from the respondent, but not so that he/she can be identified. We will analyze these data and present them hopefully during the ESICM congress, and also, if we have a high response rate, also in a short paper.

If you have any questions/feedback to the survey feel free to contact one of us.
Please access the survey via this link:

Kind regards,
The VIP steering group