Register data for research

Each application requires a formal application and must be submitted to SIR no later than one month before the decision-making board meeting. The date of board meetings can be found further down on the page. 

An approved research ethics application is a prerequisite for the approval of the application, and a copy of the approval shall be submitted to SIR. For more detailed information see R & D process. 

Boardmeetings 2020

2020-04-16 (Skype)
2020-08-27 (Skype)
2020-10-15 (Skype)
2020-11-12 (Skype)

The SIR R & D group

The SIR R & D group is committed to quality monitoring, continuous development of operations for the output of the National Quality Register, and the continuous development of areas of application for quality control, research and development based on the National Quality Register. The group is also responsible for methodological analysis and ethical review of proposed research projects designed to utilize any of the association's computer files or other information gathered in the name of the association. The R & D group is furthermore responsible for ensuring that there is a current ethical code of conduct for the association at any given moment. The R & D group processes the applications submitted to SIR, follows up on presentations of research that includes SIR data and publishes them on the website.