Register data for research

The R & D group processes the applications submitted to SIR, follows up on presentations of research that includes SIR data and publishes them on the website.

Extended application types B and C

Mandatory documents needed for the application to be complete:

  • A - Application form
  • B - Ethical review application - including annexes, with signature
  • C - Decision of the Ethical Review Authority
  • G - Project plan - description of the study
  • H - Variable list - list of desired variables
  •  J - Curriculum vitae of applicants

The above documents, together with the application, form the basis for a review prior to disclosure. The application is processed when all documentation has been received by the Swedish Intensive Care Registry.


  1. The application (A) must be completed in all current fields. Only reference to other documents is withheld
  2. The documents must be named as above with each letter first e.g.: C-Decision from the Ethical Review Authority. If more documents for the same letter, feel free to merge into one document.
  3. Initially, do not attach any more documents than the above. Supplement at any request from us.
  4. Our variables are described in the RUT metadata tool

For further guidance on data collection for research purposes see:

Guidance and information on the disclosure of quality register data for research