Data Output Portal

Reported intensive care data. Output data in SIR is presented in the form of dynamic data output portals where you can select your own choices, but based on defined standard reports

A link to the Data Output Portal can be found in the menu to the right, and a shortcut is also available in the footer.

One of the prerequisites for quality register activities is to spread the output data and make them useful. Working on design reports and managing various selection possibilities is a task that we spend much of our resources on.

Public data may be used, but the source must be reported depending on which data / reports you use: Eg Svenska Intensivvårdsregistret and the year (eg 2008-2012) if you downloaded the data there.
If it is from the annual report, you state the Swedish Intensive Care Registry's annual report and year. In general context, depending on the written language of Svenska Intensivvårdsregistret or English The Swedish Intensive Care Registry

Instructional Video

Introduction to the Data Output Portal. More videos are available here