SIRI Influenza Registration

Access to the web form requires login using a SITHS card. 

The present time

The spread of Corona virus - COVID-19. By week 11 2020, the WHO declared a new pandemic. Most of the evidence suggests that this virus is not airborne but is spread with contact and drip infection, but the WHO has not been able to rule out with certainty that it can also be spread airborne.

Which cases should be reported?

All patients with laboratory-confirmed influenza and COVID-19 cared for at ICUs should be reported. All care episodes will be registered even if the same patient risks being registered multiple times or by several departments in the event of re-login or transportation. This is partly because the reporting is matched against reported care episodes when these are received by SIR, allowing us to see the total length of care e.g. all actions carried out. Partly in order for the portal to display the number of registered care episodes, i.e. reflect the reality of the burden placed on the ICU. Double registrations of unique IDs will be weeded out by the FoHM.

When should reporting take place?

A case will be registered as soon as possible after the commencement of treatment. SIRI is active all year round, and is not confined to the influenza seasons. Cases of influenza occurring in the summertime and which require intensive care are of particular interest, as this may be the first indication of a new pandemic or a more virulent virus.

The Swedish Public Health Agency (FoHM) and SIR have entered into a partnership with the goal of creating a system for reporting on patients treated at ICUs for laboratory-confirmed influenza and COVID-19. The intention is, at the earliest opportunity, to identify an unusual clustering of cases, identify severe symptoms and risk factors, characterize the virus and monitor the ICU impact and the effects of measures such as vaccination and medication. The aim is also to retrospectively, ahead of a new future threat, ensure that data can form the basis for comparative evaluations.