Influenza and viral infection

Since 2014/2015 SIR has cooperated with the Public Health Agency of Sweden to register all flu cases treated in intensive care units in Sweden - SIRI (SIR-Influenza Monitoring).


The purpose of SIRI is to be able to identify an unusual accumulation of cases as early as possible, map severe symptoms and risk factors, characterize viruses, monitor ICU load and follow the effects of measures such as vaccination and medication. The goal is also to use data retrospectively, in the face of a new future threat, as a basis for comparative evaluations of, among other things, the effects of implemented measures. New respiratory viruses arise with regularity and have on several occasions in recent years given rise to epi/pandemics such as MERS/SARS and now COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) caused by SARS-Cov-2. COVID-19 has been possible to register in SIRI since March 2020.

Reporting in SIRI

All patients with laboratory-verified influenza or COVID-19 who are admitted to the ICU should be reported as soon as possible after the start of treatment. Remember to enter the same time for the start of the care episode in the protocol so that it matches the care episode sent to SIR.

All care events must be registered, even if the same patient risks being registered several times, or by several departments, in the event of a readmission or transport. This is partly because the reporting is matched to the reported care case when it arrives at SIR, and then we can see the total care time and, for example, all measures that have been performed. Partly because the portal shows the number of registered care cases, i.e. reflects the reality of the load on the ICU. Double registrations of unique IDs will be deleted by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.