Guideline for Swedish intensive care

Access to the web form requires login using a SITHS card. 

This web form collects data for the purpose of establishing whether the department conforms to the basic elements of the "Guidelines for the Swedish intensive care" issued by the Swedish Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care/Swedish Intensive Care Society (SFAI/SIS). The form consists of a series of questions that should be answered on an annual basis, as a minimum. In the event of permanent changes, there is the possibility of updating the registration when, since the web form is open throughout the year. The output data portal displays the most recent registration for the current calendar year.

The reporting also includes questions designed to gather data that does not relate to specific elements of SFAI/SIS guidelines but is of value interpretation and analysis of other data reported to SIR.

Extended registration of the number of intensive care beds

We have also introduced a more detailed registration of the number of intensive care beds. We have chosen the reporting occasions to cover the operations during regular operations and during the summer period. This is done:

  • Tertiary 1 - Week 12
  • Tertiary 2 - Week 29
  • Tertiary 3 - Week 42

As such there is the facility to record responses to questions throughout the year via this web form. Fulfilment of quality indicators requires however reporting at least once each calendar year.