Financial Contact Details

The CPUA authority (Region Värmland) sets the financial mandate for the National Quality Register and indirectly for the activities of the association.


SIR has its finances entirely within Region Värmland and is financed through:

  • Fees from the members (annual data entry fee which may be uniform or differentiated between members with respect to the degree of utilization and scope of the Swedish Intensive Care Registry's services. The size of the data entry fee and any differentiation is proposed by the Board annually and decided by the annual meeting, unless otherwise stated in the agreement with the Registry-keeping authority).
  • Grant for Quality Register (administered by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions - SALAR -"in Swedish SKR").
  • Agreement for certain services (National Board of Health and Welfare and The Public Health Agency of Sweden)
  • Self-cost fees for approved data outlets for research


SIR's computer operations are conducted by the computer company OTIMO AB ( in Kalmar with organization number 556349-6917.

Billing information

Invoices to the Swedish Intensive Care Registry must be sent electronically to Region Värmland, in order to achieve a more efficient and safer process for handling invoices - both for us and the supplier. As of April 1, 2019, a new law entered into force, which means that all invoicing to the public sector must take place electronically via e-invoice. SIR receives electronic invoices in all SFTI standards. Note that according to the law, PDF is not an electronic format.

Invoice information:

Organization number: 232100-0156
GLN number for Svefaktura: 7362321000156
PEPPOL ID: 0088: 7362321000156
VAN operator: InExchange

Invoice to be issued to:
Region Värmland
The Swedish Intensive Care Registry
Box 5081
Requar ID: 8811202

In order for the invoice to circulate to the correct certificate, the Requar ID must be entered correctly to the supplier, at each order occasion. The supplier specifies the Order ID under the "Your reference" field on the invoice. If the Requar ID is not entered correctly, according to the format below, the invoice must be handled manually by the accounting unit. The Requar ID for SIR is seven digits 8811202. No hyphens, spaces or prefixes may occur. If the supplier sends their invoice in the web invoice portal, they must enter the Requar ID in the field "Your reference number"

Web Invoice Portal

If the supplier does not have its own IT support for sending electronic invoices, they can very easily create such an invoice via our web invoice portal which can be accessed by all suppliers via this link: receiver / life / Default.aspx. 
They can, there at no extra cost, manually register up to 100 invoices per year.
The supplier can attach attachments when they send us electronic invoices. In cases where the invoice contains attachments, we require that these are attached electronically together with the invoice.