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Patienter med COVID-19 infektion i behov av BIVA-vård


Socialstyrelsen - Organ and tissue donors in Sweden 2020

Pandemic and health care
Report from Sweden's Municipalities and Regions (SKR)

Contact with Medical emergency team (MET) at a hospital in Västra Götalandsregionen : A retrospective screening
Thesis - Master's degree
Authors: Nina Nilsson, Alexander Germundsson Nilsson

The National Board of Health and Welfare -  Organ an tissue donors in Sweden 2019

The National Board of Health and Welfare -  Organ an tissue donors in Sweden 2018

Socialstyrelsen - Organ and tissue donors in Sweden in 2017

Socialstyrelsen - Organ and tissue donors in Sweden in 2016
Annual progress report on the number of deceased organ donors in Sweden

Socialstyrelsen - Organ donors in Sweden in 2015
The investigator Wenche Stribolt has been responsible for the report in consultation with Michael Wanecek, Socialstyrelsen’s scientific advisor for organ and tissue donation.

Socialstyrelsen - Organ donors in Sweden in 2014
The investigator Josefina Eggertsson has prepared the report in consultation with Michael Wanecek, scientific advisor at Socialstyrelsen.

Patient-reported outcomes in the Swedish National Quality Registers
An article from the RCSO / PROMcenter describing the importance of including and using PROM data in quality registers.

Socialstyrelsen - Organ donors in Sweden 2013
The investigator Josefina Eggertsson Meyer has prepared the report in consultation with Donationsrådet (the donation council) and Bengt-Åke Henriksson, scientific advisor at Socialstyrelsen.

What support do physicians believe they receive from management and organization in the process of registering quality data in the Swedish Intensive Care Register?
Author: Charlotte Levin
Thesis for master’s degree in Medical Management 2014
Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME)
Medical Management Centrum (MMC)

Males receive intensive care more often than women in 2014
Authors: Malin Banck et al,
Medical specialist, surgical and intensive care clinic, Hallands hospital, Halmstad

Peripheral thrombolysis treatment at the nursing department from a nurse’s perspective 2013
Master's degree in nursing science with a focus on emergency care
Author: Margaretha Wängberg

Developing and harmonizing quality variables in the nursing field 2012
Final report from the Swedish Society of Nursing (SSF) on care variables. A project which aims to develop and harmonize quality variables in the nursing field. The aim was also to contribute to the development and improvement of the National Quality Registers with opportunities to register care variables, develop indicators and contribute to increased coverage to a greater extent than before.

ESBL - conditions and procedures to prevent the spread of infection 2012
A survey of Swedish intensive care units
Thesis - Master's degree at the Department of Health Sciences, University of Borås
Authors: Anette Elovson & Josefin Wilhelmsson

SIR poster Cape Town 2010
SIR-IVAStrama has for a few years been working in a collaboration with Avd for medical informatics at the faculty of health sciences of Linköping University. The purpose of the project is multiple: SIR has an ambition to be at the forefront of efforts to create automatic transfer of data records to quality registers. This endeavor requires detailed knowledge of the subject area. The interconnection of different data sources to add significant quality data to SIR is a part of this process. An example of such an interconnection is the work of SIR-mikro where we are working to link bacteriological test results to the respective intensive care opportunity. One result of this work is the possibility to analyse the connection between cultivation results in acute infectious conditions and courses of treatment. Another result is that we can analyse the accuracy of current treatment guidelines with the cultivation results, which is described in greater detail in the attached poster. This was presented by Greger Fransson at the 13th World Congress on Medical Informatics, Medinfo 2010 in Cape Town in September 2010

VAP essay 2009


"Health promoting meetings - From child care to palliative care"
The book describes the principles of health promoting meetings and illustrates what they can look like in practice. The book also shows that treatment is a skill that can be acquired. Examples from many parts of care are given, and the authors represent several professions. Lotti Orwelius has authored the chapter on meetings in the ICU.

Editors: Anna Hertting, Margareta Kristenson
Publisher: Studentlitteratur, ISBN 978-91-44-07045-2, Item no. 34107


Ekocardiografi at IVA 2009