XML handling

Update to international XML standard

Swedish intensive care units report data to SIR via an XML file. From the start, we have had a simplified management of the input values ​​in the file and they have been string-based. This is to make it easier for our departments' IT systems to generate XML files, but also to capture data in a way that has previously been practical and useful.

But development is progressing and new technology has meant and will probably to a greater extent involve data being transferred automatically between different systems eg. journal system, PDMS, quality register and others. Therefore, it is important that we use the same format and standards so that data transfers from different systems can be done in a smooth way.

Therefore, SIR has developed a new XML format for reporting of care cases developed with international standards. This means that your systems that create XML files need / must be updated. The existing format of XML files can be used during a transition period of two years and will work until 2021-03-31. Then only the new XML format will be used. Note that the existing validation program now handles both the old and the new format. 

You should contact your supplier of the system that creates your XML files and order an update of your system as soon as possible.

You will find more technical description and some tools to facilitate the transition to the right. We post more information gradually.