Data Law

The provisions of the Data Protection Regulation and the Patient Data Act

The personal data officer for SIR is Värmland County Council’s Committee in accordance with the County Council’s decision of 8/6/2009. The officer with overall responsibility is County Archivist Henry Landtmansson, with SIR's officer Göran Karlström serving as the contact person for questions regarding SIR. By law, you as a patient have the right to be informed that recording of data for the purpose of the quality register is carried out, and how the data is used. You also have the right, free of charge, to receive excerpts from the register, including the data registered, as well as the option of objecting to the registration of your data.

SIR encourages all members to provide comprehensive information for their units concerning their participation in SIR. Examples of suitable information concerning the units that can be used are provided on the right-hand side of this page.
Please note that information must be provided to patients currently in receipt of care and must be provided in writing. Posters or oral information alone are not sufficient.

If you contact SIR via the internet - Information concerning the processing of personal data.

When you submit a request, ask a question or contact us via one of our internet solutions, the personal data you submit will be registered in a computerized registry at the Swedish Intensive Care Register. The recorded data is necessary in order for us to manage appointments, send replies and manage our members’ contact information. We will store the data for the purpose of our follow-up work, and we may make use of the data for the purpose of subsequent contact.

We never pass on contact information to third parties. If SIR considers that the passing on of information from third parties is of value to our members, or others whose contact details we have access to, we will pass on such information without providing access to the contact information outside of SIR.

We have a duty, at your request, to correct, block and, if you so wish, delete your data.

Information concerning the processing of personal data is supplied by the Swedish Intensive Care Register via Göran Karlström, who represents the record-keeping authority Värmland County Council, which has primary responsibility for personal data.

Requests for data excerpts shall be directed to: 
The Swedish Intensive Care Registry, c/o Göran Karlström
Region Värmland
Regionhuset D2
651 82 Karlstad

Information concerning the quality register

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR) provides information on and publishes the national quality register at

IMY - Swedish  Authority for Privacy Protection

IMY’s role is to uphold the protection of personal data, monitoring that they are handled correctly and do not fall into the wrong hands. Read more