Main responsible persons of SIR

The listed persons are members of SIR's working groups and the board. They are responsible for drawing up and updating the basis for policy changes

Adverse events and complications
Karin Löwhagen, Emma Larsson

Basic data - Care
Lena Andersson, Lars Engerström, Anna Eriksson

Burden of care classification NEMS
Anna Eriksson

Burden of care classification VTS2014
Lena Andersson, Anna Eriksson

Clinical Frailty Scale
Lars Engerström, Anna Eriksson

Data extraction - R & D
Lars Engerström, Ritva Kiiski Berggren, Emma Larsson

Deceased during intensive care at ICU - Follow op
Ritva Kiiski Berggren

Diagnosis list & diagnoses
Pär Lindgren, Ritva Kiiski Berggren

Guideline for Swedish intensive care
Lars Engerström, Johnny Hillgren

Influenza registration SIRI
Johnny Hillgren, Pär Lindgren

Measures and Operations
Pär Lindgren, Karin Löwhagen

Medical Emergency Team - MET
Göran Karlström, Ritva Kiiski-Berggren, Pär Lindgren

National Quality Indicators
Board of the Swedish Intensive Care Registry

Pain, sedation and delirium - nursing variables
Eva Åkerman, Anna Eriksson

Reporting of data
Lena Andersson, Lars Engerström, Anna Eriksson

Risk adjustment intensive care
Peter Nordlund, Lars Engerström

Sedation scale and sedation objectives
Lars Engerström, Emma Larsson, Eva Åkerman

Karin Löwhagen, Johnny Hillgren, Emma Larsson

Post ICU – follow up monitoring
Eva Åkerman, Anna Eriksson

Treatment strategy - Limiting life support
Pär Lindgren, Peter Nordlund, Johnny Hillgren