Deceased in ICU - New guideline for 2024

The National Board of Health and Welfare has commissioned the Swedish Intensive Care Registry to follow up on deceased patients in ICUs. The intention is to be able to follow the national quality indicators that are intended to ensure the quality of organ donations at the care provider.

This new guideline adapts the variables to the introduction of DCD (donation after circulatory arrest), which has been increasingly introduced as a clinical routine since 2019, and develops several existing variables (adjustments to follow the results of the assessment of willingness to donate where this has been carried out and the results of police contact where this has been made). Question on documentation of breakpoint decisions has been added. Options for child donors <18 years old have been added, as well as questions on the willingness to donate for other medical purposes.   The changes have been developed in consultation with the National Expert Group for Organ and Tissue Donation and the National Working Group (NAG) Donation (Knowledge Management).

To the ICU deceased guideline 2024