Extended registration of intensive care places

More detailed registration and description of ICU beds

Upon request from your members, we have now introduced a more detailed registration and description of the number of intensive care places in Sweden. We have chosen the reporting opportunities to cover the daily activity during regular working and during the summer period. You now have the opportunity to register the number of occupable intensive care beds per workday everyday vs weekend. This is done during the four-month period 1 week 12, the four-month period 2 week 29 and the tertiary 3 week 42.

First register the main form for Guideline for Swedish Intensive Care, so we can capture your category. There you also fill in the number of intensive care beds you usually have during the year
Then fill in for each four-month period when the current week occurs.

See the report

To register, log in to our Data Input Portal  that you find at the bottom of the footer.

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