Infection coding

Received question about infection coding that we sent to the National Board of Health and Welfare for comments

Normally, when encoding infections, the type of infection should be chosen as the main diagnosis (main ICU diagnosis) and the agent and severity as a bee diagnosis (other diagnosis).
E.g. Cholangitis with septic shock and with demonstrated findings of E. coli becomes:

Main diagnosis Kolangit K83.0

  1. BidiagnosE. coli B96.2
  2. Bidiagnos Ev Antibiotic Resistance U-Code
  3. Bidiagnosseptic shock R57.2

Examples given for COVID-19 have not been done in the same way:

  1. U07.1 Covid-19, virus identified
  2. J12.8 Other specified viral pneumonia

Here the agent has been entered first. What are you supposed to do?

Answer from the National Board of Health and Welfare:
We are aware of this, but we follow WHO's instructions on how to code in the case of COVID-19 and therefore the U07 code is first entered.