ICU-beds reporting to continue

In dialogue with the National Board of Health and Welfare, a decision has been made in SIR that ICU beds reporting will continue. In the first step at least until 2022-09-30.

Occupancy, number of beds and staffing have been issues that SIR has wanted to capture continuously since 2005 to have as a subparameter and background to other quality data. Now there is also a government assignment for the health and medical care to have some type of national situational picture system and there is especially the ICU care mentioned,

SIR is now initiating work to enable the register to receive automated reporting to facilitate continuous follow-up, as far as possible without manual intervention. SIR will simultaneously go through the dataset and likely make changes to it to simplify automation.

However, the decisive factor for how easily it can be transferred will then be what opportunities you on the sending side have to be able to send automatically. We have some threads out there for dialogue, but generally return, but probably not until the later part of September or October.

In summary, the summer has turned out better than we may have feared from a national perspective, but we have seen that in many regions there have been long periods of very tough load.