Weight and height

Weight and height are among the optional parameters that can be reported to SIR.

Many departments report these, but far from all. It is desirable that all departments start reporting these parameters. Documenting height and weight and daily monitoring of weight is a cornerstone of modern intensive care. It is of great importance for the goals and direction of intensive care and has te.x. septic shock is of crucial prognostic importance in that the degree of overwetting can be measured. Furthermore, high body mass index (BMI) has been discussed vividly out in the activities as a risk factor Covid-19. The interest is thus great and therefore SIR has on behalf of the member departments (at the annual meeting 2020) created new reports on the output portal (see reports below)

Among those who always report weight and height for ICU care, funds for BMI have increased from 25.6 in 2008 to 27.1 in 2020 and the average weight from 75.1 to 79.4 kg.

For Covid-19 care sessions in 2020, the average weight is 87.9 kg, compared to an average weight of all IVA care sessions in 2019 of 77.1 kg.

For the parameters to be published on the output portal, the department must have the "always report" setting for them in the validation settings.
Every week during the Covid-19 pandemic, SIR has received requests for patients' body weight and body mass index (BMI). Several studies focusing on the importance of different risk factors for onset and recovery have begun. For business planning, the size of patients is also important information. Heavier patients need purpose-built beds, lifting devices and other equipment. Nursing and transporting heavier patients requires more staff and careful planning, and the risk of adverse events for both patients and healthcare professionals can increase.

Weight and length are not included as required variables in basic data but are available as optional additions.

Variables available are: Length, Weight before current onset, Weight on arrival in ICU and weight when discharged from ICU. (In addition, daily weights can also be recorded). Please note that it is important that the length is included in order to calculate BMI.

Read more in the guideline: Basic data - Care

In the first instance, Weight on Arrival in the ICU is recommended as the most important variable along with length so that BMI can be calculated. SIR notes an increased need for the information and recommends that all departments report weight and length to the register.


The chart shows the arrival weight of all care sessions in the past year
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The chart shows BMI for all care sessions in the past year
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