Problems logging in?

Prerequisite for login is that you have permission 
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Can't log in? Check the following:

  1. Check the URL. Always use our website as an entrance. Do not post your own shortcuts as they tend to stop working
  2. Close ALL open Internet windows. Insert your SITHS card and go to our website and log in
  3. Make sure you have the correct code (the code linked to your SITHS ID card)
  4. Make sure your card is read by your computer. The NetId application icon will spin when you insert the card. (located at the bottom right of the computer screen)
  5. Make sure you select the SITH certificate, so it's not the Telia certificate you're trying to connect with.
  6. Try another browser (we recommend IE11)
  7. Try another computer
  8. Can anyone else sign in?
  9. If you get an error message, take a screenshot
  10. Call your local IT support in the first place. Problems usually lie in their own IT environment

  11. When none of the above helped, you can call SIR
  12. Test your SITHS card at Can you see your own information?