Circulation, which is essential for supplying blood and oxygen to the body, is impaired. This may be due to lack of fluid/ischemia, heart failure, severe infection or an allergic reaction


Acute circulatory failure is a life-threatening condition whereby the patient’s blood pressure drops sharply.

Circulatory failure

A commonly-occurring condition. Fluid and blood supply, medication and follow-up of treatment require regular and close monitoring. This is done by connecting you to monitoring equipment which allows staff to monitor among other things your pulse, heart rate and blood pressure continuously via screens. This is supplemented by investigations such as ECG (heart rhythm and damage, where relevant), ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography), heart and lung X-rays and measurement of cardiac output.

Blood sampling 

Is carried out via a thin plastic tube inserted into an artery (arterial needle). Via this tube it is possible to measure blood pressure (invasive blood pressure measurement).