Untreated pain can complicate the course of illness and recovery. In connection with recovery and changing needs, the supply of painkillers will be reduced

The cause of the pain

The cause of the pain may derive from the course of illness, but may also largely be due to all of the intrusions, examinations and treatments required. Pain medication is frequently necessary in various care activities in order to be able to implement them. For instance mobilization and redressing of wounds.

Measuring scale

You can describe the localization of the pain, its character, what aggravates or relieves the pain and the degree of perceived pain. Pain can also be measured using a measuring scale (VAS).

Assess pain

If you are unconscious or sedated, staff can assess pain based on pain-related behaviour such as movements, facial expressions and the effect on your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.


A relative can describe your normal resting positions in bed before you became ill. Or if there are movements or resting positions which prior to the period of illness caused you pain.