It can be difficult to make yourself understood or to understand what is happening around you when you are seriously ill.

If you have a tube (endotracheal tube) inserted into your airways, you can not talk. Therefore, it will take longer for you to explain your needs and desires. When nobody understands you, it's easy to get frustrated, give up trying to communicate what it is you want, and get scared and worried instead. The influence of painkillers and sedative medication affects your ability to communicate.


The staff is used to interpret the reactions and body language of patients who can not communicate through speech. Utilities such as writing tables / picture books can be used for communicating by pointing to a picture as an answer to a question. Sometimes lip-reading works, too. Therefore, staff must regularly inform about what is happening and what is planned. Relatives have an important role because they can be supportive and inform staff about how you usually prefer different situations to be handled.